I’m a seasoned person in the realm of internet dating. I’m probably one of the earlier people who found the practice ‘normal’. You see, I’ve been ‘internet dating’ since I was 14. Although I didn’t see my first internet boyfriend until I was 16 or 17.

My previous relationships haven’t been so great, but I learned a lot from each and every one. I have no regrets and truly feel like I loved each one of those people. I hope they learned as much as I did. For that chapter of my life feel free to read past entries if you’re bored; they’re pretty crazy.

Currently I am with my boyfriend Eric (TsuruXelus) of 3 years in December (it’s August now). I was streaming me playing League of Legends and he added me on Facebook. I remember staring at it for a while and considering not accepting — super glad I did! I was very wishy washy in the beginning of the relationship, but he ended up driving here (Maryland) from Missouri and swept me off my feet. About a year later we took a huge (but awesome) step and he moved here from Missouri.

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