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Hi. My name is Alyx but I often go by Lyxie. I live in my hometown, Kensington, Maryland. I am conveniently located within a few hours drive of Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvannia. I can hope on a metro and be in Washington D.C. in 10 minutes. I am soon to be 28 years-old. I have learned a lot in life, but I will not claim to know it all. I am past the point in life when you are a rebellious young person and feel like you have lept over the toughest hurdles in life.

Gymnastics has been a huge party of my life, and probably always will be. My elder sisters all did gymnastics before me, and my mother has made leotards and sold them for as long as I can remember. I did gymnastics from the time I was 6 until I was 14. I tore ligaments in my back and then had to quit. The pain in my back was so intense that I would lay down in bed and suffer spasms, for years. A few years later, Nationals was held in Florida. I decided to get back into it and try to get to Nationals, because my boyfriend of the time lived there. Separate from my athletic career in gymnastics, I have taught gymnastics since I was legally old enough to do so. I have been teaching and coaching gymnastics ever since. My sister recently has opened up her own gym, and it is a whole family affair… I’m sure you’ll hear about it often if you read my blog.

As far as my career on the internet goes… well, I’ve been here for a long time. I dated this guy in middle school. He cheated on me, we stayed together, he broke up with me, I then didn’t know how to ‘act natural’ around him, and all of our same circle of friends. This small middle school relationship that means nothing actually completely changed the trajectory of my life. I turned to my computer and confided in people over the internet, and started internet romances that didn’t start becoming real romances from the internet ones, until I was 16 or 17. I lost a considerable amount of time in social development through these years. I dated this guy from Florida for 4 years, I left him for a guy in Germany. I had issues jumping between guys, and then I met my currentmost recent ex boyfriend and have been inseparable from him since the day we meant… lucky for me I’m not even exaggerating about us being inseparable since then, but unfortunately for you you get to hear one of those dramatic stories of fairy tale romance that seems like complete bullshit. I met my current most recent ex boyfriend in the Korean MMORPG Ragnarok Online, on the private server ParadiseRO. The trick to our relationship was that he lived in Brazil. It generally took me 2 days of traveling to get to him. It also takes a few thousand dollars for each visit… even more tricky to the situation, the United States has strict restrictions against people from Brazil coming into the country, so we never quite mapped out his first visit to see me. But the good news is that I’ve seen him IRL! I am currently single for the first time for like 10 years? It’s not so bad but it gets lonely at night sometimes when I’m not gaming. With Eric, he’s awesome, we live in an awesome house full of our friends who play video and board games with us regularly. We call our gamer house The Commune.

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