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I’ve had a bunch of fans e-mailing me and posting on my Facebook about Comic-Con. I’m surprised they’re even asking me about it. I thought it was a no-brainer to go. Regardless, I decided it’s a good time to give my review on good ol’ Comic-Con. I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking that Star Trek conventions are the only pilgrimages us nerds make, however you’d be mistaken.

Robert Downey Jr. at Comic-Con 2012
Celebs are also regulars at Comic-Con, especially with the popularity of movies based off of comic books.

Comic-Con is has a smorgasbord of awesome that ‘our kind’ go crazy over.
Comic-Con offers exhibits, vendors, etc. for many genres; games, comics, anime, movies. It really is a celebration of these interests. The convention has grown considerably since it was a baby in 1970. Last year they had over 130,000 people from all over the world. Why are these people flocking there? It’s basically a huge party full of awesome people who share and/or respect the same interests.

One of the most entertaining parts of Comic-Con and other such conventions is the cosplayers. Cosplay is short for ‘costume play’ and is very popular with anime and game fans. These fans are so dedicated and put lots of time and money into making and buying costumes of their favorite characters. Many of them spend months making their own costumes until they are perfect down to the last button.

Well my lovely readers, I hope this gives you enough reason to check it out of you get the chance. Comic-Con generally runs in the summer and is out of San Diego, California, however there are specialty conventions for games, anime, board games, etc. Generally these conventions are big and small and run all over the world. Because these interests are usually closely linked some specialty conventions have stuff for the different genres as well.

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