Emmie –
I’m already stressed by my math class and we’re not even doing stuff I don’t know how to do yet.

I have a friend I play League with. I actually met him from my stream. He’s a really cool guy to play with and he’s nice and everything. However, ever since I found out a bit about him… every time I talk to him I’m consumed with a rage that makes me not want to talk to him. It’s very petty. However, I’m just jealous of him. I’m incredibly jealous of the lifestyle he gets to live. He was a pro gamer, I think since he was 13 or something. So he’s always had money. He also is an owner or co-owner of a clothing company in California. He’s 21 and is married and has a child. What if we all could still afford that? Would we get married sooner? Would we have kids sooner? I know I would. I know a lot of my stress would not be as bad and would certainly not be the same if I had it made like that. I just get bitter when I talk to him. I’m so jealous. I’m jealous that he is financially stable, and he is already settled down even though he’s so young.

Whatever. Back to homework… that I have no interest in doing.

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