Okay so I haven’t been this excited about anything in such a long time. I guess it’s the curiosity and intrigue. It’s like being a kid all over again because you have no idea what you’ll get. For Christmas and birthdays in the real world when you’re an adult you just get what you asked for. But this? THIS? IS SO COOL! You get to surprise someone you don’t know and you get something completely awesome and random from someone you don’t know! And hell, maybe you even become friends with them?! It’s so cool and I love going through the redditgifts gallery and looking at the awesome pictures and stories. It’s actually like a Christmas present to me. I get the person I get to buy a gift for 5 days before my birthday! Then I get to start stalking them and figure out what to get them :o!!

It’s so exciting. I hope I don’t get creative block. I want to do something awesome for them. I’ve seen some really awesome stuff from the gallery.

<3, Lyxie

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