Because You Need a Laugh…

I changed her display name in case anyone who reads this knows her and gets up in her grill and shit like that. The internet never ceases to amaze me. I’ve actually never liked this person and I’m not sure why I’ve kept her on my friends list. But this is the stupidest/most entertaining thing you’ll read in a while. Yes, this actually happened to me. lol.

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Stupid Bitch said:
you play lol
Lyxie said:
. Stupid Bitch says:
*are yoyu there!
Lyxie says:
. Stupid Bitch says:
*i need the
*biggest favor
*ever :(
*i know we never talk i know i know but :(
*imin this.. relationship online and
*im not comfertable sending like “nudes” or anything yet :(
*so … i really just need sigh :(
*i need an I love (person) thing like photoshopped
*onto a girls booty or something >.< Lyxie says: *lol. . Stupid Bitch says: *and he wont ask me for anymore ever *IS there anyway :( you can help
*its not nude
Lyxie says:
*Yeah if you find me a picture you want me to use.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*i fking
*Love you..
*ummm >.< *sec *eww this is hard LOL *i dont feel like looking at naked girls :/ fml *ok im trying tofind 1 *thats uh *not naked ... LOL *and 1 thats not super complicated for you i guess to just put a little banner thingy :(
*but wait 1 question
*is there a way you can actually make the umm small banner saying
i love chubs
(actually look like its sitting on the bed)
Lyxie says:
*I don't understand.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*ok what i need to do is
*Get an (I love chubs) banner
*like a piece of paper
*but make it look like its actually part of the picture?
*>.< Lyxie says: *Can't I just write it in text? *Why does it need to be a piece of paper? . Stupid Bitch says: *no like i need him to actually think this "half naked girl" is me sort of :(
*I dont feel comfertable
*Sending my body :(
Lyxie says:
*Can I just tell you...
. Stupid Bitch says:
*so i found a girl with a simliar body >< Lyxie says: *This is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. . Stupid Bitch says: *lol i know *but he only wants 1 :(
Lyxie says:
*Showing him some other girl is the stupidest premise ever.
*If you're too prude, just buy him some porn.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*its not it
*i need him to tihnk its me cuz
*shes got a similira body :(
*but i cant take my own...
*cuz :( i cant
Lyxie says:
*This is retarded.
*I'm actually going to decline on doing this. It's too stupid.
*Sorry. It makes more sense to just take a picture of yourself.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*aww ok
*i get it :(
Lyxie says:
*If you're going to give him a fake picture just give him a fake pciture. No need to touch it up.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*its fine idk i just cant see myself taking pictures like htat :/
Lyxie says:
*So don't give him anything.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*ya but he wants "proof its me" thats the fking retarded sht
Lyxie says:
*It's a lie to give him something that's not you.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*true :/
Lyxie says:
*It's not retarded.
*That's what an internet relationship is; trust.
*Clearly you're not trustworthy if you're giving him a picture that isn't you.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*i am and im not
he has my number and everything
*the problem is i cant take like a.... picture in my underwear cuz
*I cant i dont feel comfertable
*but its fine thanks anyway
Lyxie says:
*So tell him that.
*Don't give him bullshit.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*idk its just
*hes so fking :(
*an ass
Lyxie says:
*So break up with him.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*probably should since hes tryin to make me do something im not comfertable with..
*but idk thought i fell for him :(
Lyxie says:
*Clearly not if you're trying to give him fake pictures of someone's ass.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*i did but its more like
*idk :( your right and your wrong
*like i know where your coming from and i really dont want him looking at anyone else
*but...... atthe same time i dont feel comfertable doing it
*i figured it was only 1 i could live with it :(
*but its ok i dont blame you at all
Lyxie says:
*So you say, "I'm not comfortable." And if he says, "come on baby" you say, "Fuck off, you can't respect me"
*It's so funny that you are even thinking of doing it. Like this is the biggest joke ever. Typical internet I guess.
*But good luck.
. Stupid Bitch says:
*thanks :/

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