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So… hello!
Basically I struggle to get on the good foot with eating right and exercising. It’s so hard to have the… or make the time to exercise. I work a lot, and I’ll be in school a lot. So I’m not sure how I’ll have time to exercise. I like to exercise at the gym, but I feel self conscious about doing it when people are there to watch me. One morning within the last two weeks I ran 10 laps in the gym. It was so nice. I was really stressed at the time and it just kinda… melted the stress away. So I think if I got into the habit of exercising it would be similar to an addiction. It would make my body work better, etc.

Anyway. I’m thinking that I might want to keep a blog here about my problems and successes. I want to get down to a size 12 or 14. Right now I can fit into some 18 stuff but I guess I’m more realistically a 20. It would be cool to be oneĀ  of those positive stories of weight loss and happiness, etc. :) I would like it for multiple reasons. a). confidence. My face is gorgeous. If I had the body to go with it, I’d be a knock out. b). My bf. This is a multilevel reason. He’d like me to be smaller for many reasons. One of which is my health, another is simple vanity, another is like… for our interaction. Like sitting on his lap more comfortably, picking me up, etc. c). Health. d). Being more active; ie. tumbling in the gym, etc. e). Curbing anxiety. Being obese is like… I’m pretty sure it affects the hormones. Not positive… but being active definitely curbs my anxiety a bit. But also… when you’re obese falling down or hurting yourself seems even more daunting with every extra pound. Try falling on your hands and knees with a 50 lb vest on. I’m sure that shit will hurt.

So? Who feels like cheering me to size 14? 12? 10? gasp :O 10 I guess will be my ultimate goal since that’s the avg for American women… I think. lol

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