#: 283

HA! A good post. :)

Anyway. So today was a spectacularly awesome day. It started with my new baby leopard gecko, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned, actually eating today. Eating while I was researching slurry so I could feed him/her a slurry mix. Anyway, so I knew today at work would be prettttyy awesome because people were planning to bring baked goods to practice! Hella awesome idea, whoever’s it was. Anyway. So I was really hyper and excited about cupcakes, AND THEN I got an e-mail with my test scores… it was pretty grim, 45% on test 5, and 55% on the final test. UGH. That’s devestating, but I knew it was going to happen… HOWEVA! I passed the friggin’ class, which is what counts!! So I was excited all practice because I passed my math class AND I was going to eat funfetti cupcakes, AND THEN I found out that Lauren brought  me the juice that I like. It was AWESOME.

Maybe I really should marry rich and just have a spoiled life.

Going to sleep!

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