#: 233

No, not the dog.

Okay, it’s story time. Once upon a time, I went over to my good friend, Christine’s apartment. When you’re in college, generally all of your friends talk about other friends that you don’t know. This always happens, and then when you finally meet said friend, it’s generally HILARIOUS.

So, anyway. I think it was last year during the Hockey play offs. I met Ashley. Ashley was one of those friends of a friend who always had stories about her. And she also was the new ‘it’s complicated, we’re almost dating’ situation with my best friend, Eric. Prior to him having Ashley to keep him company, we generally talked a lot and hung out a lot, and we even went camping in the middle of the winter. But once you get a significant other, you just can’t keep up with shit like that. But more so than that, he had a lot of problems with family right around that time, and just didn’t have time for friends.

But I digress. So I had my reservations about this girl, Ashley. I was concerned with how my best friend Eric would handle a girlfriend. And when I first met her, I also experienced Tina at the same time. So Ashley was diving into the Vodka bottle, and then we commenced to eating Tina’s penis shaped cookies. So anyway, I actually can’t remember the specific dialogue, which is really a shame, but from then until now, Ashley and I have experienced many adventures such as making a hand vagina while I was caffeinated.


Anyway, the reason why I’m so excited about Ashley all of a sudden is because I talked her into making a blog. For someone who will make a vagina with me, and will fill up a balloon with cum (conditioner or shampoo) and make a squirting vagina… you just know they’re going to write an awesome blog…


2 thoughts on “#: 233”

  1. Oh Alyx, I love our hand vaginas. I hope I don’t take Eric away from you : ( I try not to monopolize his time too much. Since I’ve met you a lot has changed, I no longer dive into bottle of vodka, I instead do Hawaiian Punch and I kinda get hockey now/I know hockey exists in DC.

  2. I love our hand vagina’s too. But technically your hands actually make the hole and depth of the vagina… I’ve accepted not having friends many months ago, it’s np at all. It’s hard to hold up friends when they go to college 20+ minutes away from you and you don’t drive and don’t own a car. Anyway. Hawaiian Punch far exceeds vodka, but that’s kind of a biased statement since I’ve never had vodka. And I used to watch Hockey when I was little, but haven’t watched it recently.

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