#: 002

Wah! I’ve been really tired and stress from all the stuff, in theory that I have on my plate. I have this thing that I want to finish, or my money is wasted. I also have the Silver Stars website I’d like to finish. I really need to get all the photos that I want to sell up and on the photogallery so I can sell them and maybe make some of the money back from having this domain. Bah. This coming week is my last week of school, which is a relief. I have mixed emotions about next semester. I am excited, but dread it, also. I dread the responsiblity of art, the dedication I don’t have. I fear my art next to someone else’s. I’m just.. yeah. Anyway..I also have that I want to get to High Wizard on RO. I’ve been playing the char (although I made other chars along the way) like 8 months ago? She should be transcended by now. Yeah, it pisses me off. :( So I haven’t been working on this ’cause I’ve been sluggish lately.. I’ll try to work on it soon. ;.;


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