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Well then, I bought the domain, I’ve gotten most of the layout up, I just have to finish each page. Usually the hardest part for me is coding the stuff to make it right. That actually hasn’t been too bad. What I’m currently working on is a nifty feature I saw at <a href=”http://www.igloe.net”>igloe.net</a>. It’s really cool, it’s a photo album which visitors can interact with and stuff. It’s been a pain so far to install.. simply because it’s in.. DUTCH! @@; I don’t know dutch, fosrsly. There’s a way to change it to English, but it’s not working for me. :! Oh well.. Anyway, that’s this for right now, enjoy! Edit: I got it working! Bwhaha. It’s in English now, I just need to change the template of it, and put pictures on it, bwhahah. :)!


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